Kenya Blue Mountain


This is unique and exclusive coffee, as it is very well balanced at the same time as also being very complex. It is powerful, with a distinct caramel sweetness and juicy notes of blackcurrant and berries. When brewing you might notice a gentle floral aroma. This coffee is only mildly acidic and has a full body that can be enjoyed black or with a splash or milk, whichever you prefer.
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In Kenya, the plantations are very popular around the capped peaks of Mt. Kenya. The acidity provides a distinct taste that distinguishes it from other similar types and brands.
Kenyan Blue Mountain coffee is known as one of the highest-quality coffee types across the globe. Its unique taste stands out, allowing you to distinguish it with ease. This type of coffee is a wet processed coffee that is silky smooth, with a full body. Its taste is mild, accompanied with an unusually sweet flavour. In addition to that, it is rich with a close to creamy feel, which increases its demand in the market. Considering that the seed originally came from Jamaica and is grown under similar conditions, the Kenyan Blue Mountain Coffee grows to produce similar looking beans to the highly acclaimed Jamaican Blue Mountain variety.

Thanks to the acidity in the soil this coffee plant grows in, it transfers this trait to its beans, which leaves the outstanding taste. Its rich body is a kicker for many coffee lovers. It offers an outstanding balance between body, flavour, and aroma. Though the beans remain the same in appearance, the flavours vary from one country to another, due to the surrounding atmosphere. In addition, the soil acidity varies from one country to another, thus the variance in aroma and taste. The Kenyan Blue Mountain coffee has an outstanding quality and unique taste to satisfy a majority of coffee lovers’ needs and preferences..