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  • Thin Acidity
  • Subtle Flowery flavors
  • Fair Body and a very Smooth Finish.

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Ethiopian Limu coffee beans offers a beautiful and rich tasting Single Origin coffee.

Limu offers a more balanced and refined cup without the sometimes unwanted and difficulties presented by the fruits and wild acids often found in Yirgacheffe and Sidamo.

Limu’s are on par and at times superior to the other Ethiopians.

Limu coffee is consistent from one lot to the next and has a cleaner, balanced cup without shooting off left field with intense berries like the Sidamos.

There is an undeniable nuance you are drinking an African coffee – intense, sweet with a long juicy finish.

Depending upon the season and specific lot, Limu will display a vibrant citric acidity that is both pleasant and satisfying.

The citric acidity is a key element in the clean cup character. Generally, it’s a lime or lemon note that may sound incompatible with the flavor of classic coffee, but it is in fact quite complimentary to the cup experience. There will be notes of cocoa and chocolate depending upon the roast depth.


We like to take the Limu to the point where there are both fruit and chocolate notes to be found in the coffee.

This creates what we refer to as a “twist”.

At the front of the palate, you will immediately detect fruit – which is pleasing as a “black” and then in milk more of the cocoa notes will be producing at the back of the palate and during the finish.

There are hints of apricot nectar in this Limu that make the cup very complex and we particularly enjoy the juicy middle that leaves you wanting another cup.


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  1. Scott (verified owner)

    This has got to be the best coffee I have ever made myself. the beans were roasted two days prior to my receiving them. Speedy delivery and great service from NEO

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